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So what on earth are we supposed to be adding, here? The site was publicised in filky venues, and I'd love to pitch in, but so far there isn't even framework. --Eloisemason 21:41, 9 January 2008 (UTC)Eloise

Hi, Eloise,
The biggest thing I'd like to start with is the actual discography: I'll be working on transferring and updating the information from my original webpage, but anyone is welcome to help out.
Then we can branch out to other subjects of interest for the filk community: encyclopedic info about fan cons and filk cons with links to their websites; articles about filk musicians, authors, and performers; album reviews; whatever else we can think of.
The big thing that cannot be posted here is copyright stuff, except for certain specific conditions. Fundamentally speaking, for lyrics, tunes, or images to be posted here, it must pass one of these categories:
  • If it is out of copyright--old song lyrics and music where copyright has specifically expired
  • If it was released to the public domain--the author/artist expressly permits the work to be used for any purpose including commercial purposes
  • If the author/artist specifically allows us to post it here
The reason for all the rules: Wikia is a commercial "for profit" venture by Jimmy Wales, so anything posted here must have a compatable license.
We will, as a community, come up with more rules, I'm sure--for good or for bad, rules are necessary in this world. Justin Eiler 03:37, 10 January 2008 (UTC)

needs structure[edit source]

A user has to be able to find the main content easily, especially in something like this. I've given the main page a link to the List of filk albums.

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