Kathy Mar[edit | edit source]

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(cassette tape)

Side A

  1. Joy
  2. Lady Ellen
  3. Childhood's End
  4. Sea Cradle
  5. Between Grass Shores
  6. The Sheep Look Up
  7. Mr. Right
  8. Marching In the Streets

Side B

  1. Songbird
  2. Legend
  3. Circle Song
  4. Give My Children Wings
  5. Ice
  6. Behold
  7. Dreaming
  8. Everybody Here

Off Centaur Publications OCP-24, 1982

Sound Engineer: Jeff Rogers

Music Editor: Catherine Cook

Producer: Teri Lee

Cover Art: Don Simpson

Back-up Vocals: Catherine Cook, Joey Shoji & Julia Ecklar

Bandura & Mandolin: Roy Turley

Keyboard: Catherine Cook

Songs by Kathy Mar

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