Tom Smith 2006

The Last Hero on Earth by Tom Smith

  1. What If?
  2. Mad Scientists United
  3. The Sinister Cavortings of Sir Wilfred P. Huffelbaggins III
  4. Warning... Wimbledon!
  5. The Sinister Sixty Strike
  6. Enter the Waffle
  7. You Never Call Me By My Real Name
  8. Boulevard of Broken Genes
  9. Tears of the Kill-o-Tron
  10. Pirate Ninjas From Dino Island
  11. The Terror of Sis Boom Ba
  12. The Romance of George and Al
  13. A Million Light Years From Love
  14. Divded Royalties
  15. Behold the Crossing Guard
  16. When Strikes the Clock
  17. Rules of Enragement
  18. Hey! Didn't You Die...
  19. The Rise and Fall of Sir Wilfred P. Hufflebaggins III
  20. With Great Power Comes Great Power Bills
  21. Outtakes
  22. Outtakes II
  23. Outtakes III
  24. Outtakes IV
  25. Outtakes V
  26. Outtakes VI
  27. Outtakes VII
  28. Outtakes VIII
  29. Outtakes IX
  30. Outtakes X
  31. Outtakes XI
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