Lady in Veils and other dreams[edit | edit source]

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Valerie Housden[edit | edit source]

(cassette tape)


Morningstar: Valerie

Inspired by Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny

Demon: Valerie, Mike

Inspired by The Paladin by C.J. Cherryh

Eyes of God: Valerie

Inspired by The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Blue Flame: Valerie, Anne, Mike

Inspired by A Dirge for Sabis by C.J. Cherryh and Leslie Fish

A Regrettable Occurrence These three songs tell a story inspired by a strange poem by Jon Bye, a fellow member of the now defunct New Ash Green writers workshop. Solo and Tribunal reflect elements of the original poem, Gold is a detail I added.

  • Part I: Solo: Valerie, Mike
  • Part II: Gold: Valerie
  • Part III: Tribunal: Valerie, Neil, Mike


Beautiful People: Valerie, Anne, Mike, Neil

Inspired by The Uncanny X-men

For The Innocents: Valerie, Mike

Inspired by The Uncanny X-men

Catsblood: Valerie, Mike

Inspired by The Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore

Abandonati: Valerie, Anne

Inspired by Abandonati by Gary Kilworth

Magdalene: Valerie, Anne

Set in Mike Whitaker's Before the Dawn universe

Leilah's Song: Valerie

Inspired by Empire of Fear by Brian Stableford

Lady In Veils: Valerie

Inspired by A Talent for War by Jack McDevitt

Lyrics and music for all songs (c) Valerie Housden, except for Eyes of God: lyrics (c) Valerie Housden, tune by H.L.Hassler (1564-1612), Abandonati: lyrics (c) Valerie Housden, tune trad.


  • Valerie Housden: vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar and banjo.
  • Anne Rundle: flute, flageolet and backing vocals.
  • Mike Whitaker: electric guitar, drum machine, sequencer programming and synthesiser: also arrangements for 'Beautiful People' and 'Demon'.
  • Neil Chambers: bass guitar and 12-string guitar.

Harmonics for 'Beautiful People' and 'Blue Flame' by Anne Rundle. All other vocal arrangements by Valerie Housden (with a little help from J.S. Bach - thanks, Johann).

Artwork: Sue Mason

Typesetting: Mike Whitaker

Engineering: Rampant Engineering

Produced by: Valerie R. Housden

Acknowlegements: A big thank you to everyone who helped with this tape, especially: Mike, Anne and Neil; Techies Pat, Andy, Gordon and Richard; Gytha; Sue; anyone I have inadvertently forgotten; and extra thanks to Richard for bullying me into doing this tape - IT'S ALL HIS FAULT!

For David

This recording (c) and (p) VLB Recording, Glynde Road, Brighton, BN2 2YJ, ENGLAND

Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting, or copying of this work prohibited

Manufactured under licence in the US by Wail Songs, P.O. Box 29888, Oakland, CA 94604.

Copyright (c) 1990 V.L.B. Recording

Duplicated and Distributed in USA & Canada by Wail Songs, P. O. Box 29888, Oakland, CA 94604, USA

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