Chickasaw Mountain (cassette tape)

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(c) & (P) 1986 Off Centaur Publications OCP-56

All songs are written by Leslie Fish unless noted.

Performers: Bill Boyd--vocals; Dominic Bridwell--vocals; Florie Brown--fiddle; Catherine Cook--keyboards & drums; Leslie Fish--lead vocals and guitar; Frank Hayes--banjo & vocals; Jordin Kare--vocals; Ernie Mansfield--flute, alto flute, clarinet, harmonica; Joey Shoji-- vocal.

Side A:

  • Mount Tam--LF,DB
  • Jack the Slob and the Goddess of Love (Fish, arr. Bill Boyd)--LF,JS,DB,BB,CC
  • Hymn to the Night-Mare--LF,DB,CC
  • Ferryman (Mercedes Lackey/Fish)--LF,DB,CC
  • The Challenger LF,CC
  • White Man's Rain Chant--LF,DB,JK,BB
  • Ship of Stone (Don Simpson)--LF,EM
  • Stone Dance (attrib. to Fish, actually John M. Ford/Rev.George Bennard)--LF,EM,DB

Side B:

  • The Gods Aren't Crazy (ded. to Charles Fort)--LF,DB,JK,BB
  • Rise Up Bright Sun--LF
  • Berserker (Fish, arr. Arlin Robins)--LF,DB,BB
  • The Sun Is Also A Warrior--LF,EM,CC
  • Lucifer (Simpson, arr. Ellen Guon)--LF,CC
  • The Earth's Fire-Breathing Daughter--LF
  • Hallows' Dirge (Christa Heiden Landon)--LF,FB
  • No More Songs (Phil Ochs)--LF,EM
  • Chickasaw Mountain (Fish, arr. Arlin Robins)--LF,DB,FH

Hallows' Dirge (c) 1982 Christa Heiden Landon

Producer: Teri Lee; Sr. Engineer: Jeff Rogers; Engineer: Teri Lee; Artwork: Arlin Robins

Dolby (tm) stereo, duplicated in real time

Firebird Arts and Music edition

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