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Recorded at CONduit 4, May 1994, in Salt Lake City, Utah

Song--Performer (Lyrics/Composer)

Side A

  1. Gwydion's Courting--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  2. Shapeshifter--Charlene Urbanek (Charlene Urbanek)
  3. We'll Never Know--Catherine Faber (Catherine Faber)
  4. The Prophecy--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  5. Bella Ciao--Beverly and Holly Stuart (Trad.)
  6. Belly Chow--Beverly and Holly Stuart (Beverly and Holly
  7. Stuart/Trad.)
  8. Jack Frost--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  9. Looking For Jack--Kathy Mar (Talis Kimberly)
  10. Mark's Song--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  11. Cantilena--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)

Side B

  1. Tapestry, 'Broidery, Ribbon and Lace--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  2. Victorianna--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  3. The Clockwork Beast--Char Urbanek (Charlene Urbanek)
  4. The Seventh Horse--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  5. The Star Trek Polka--Dave Urbanek (Dave Urbanek/trad.)
  6. Morgaine--Charlene Urbanek (Charlene Urbanek)
  7. Uncraeft--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  8. Seasons' Dance Anew--Holly Stuart
  9. Sixteen Tomes--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber/trad.)
  10. Acts of Creation--Cat Faber & Kathy Mar (Catherine Faber)
  11. Bin There, Dun That--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)

Featuring Cat Faber, Kathy Mar and Charlene Urbanek

Cover art by Wendy Howarth

Copyright (c) 1995 by Julia West

Note 1: Charlene Urbanek is now Charlene MacKay

Note 2: Several of these songs are available as mp3s at [FilkArchive]

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