1. Which Side Are You On Leslie Fish

2. Falling Down On NJ Duane Elms

3. Witch Of The Westmereland Clam Chowder

4. Reggae Instafilk About Unions Tom Smith

5. Mary O'Meara TJ And Mitchell Burnside-Clapp

6. The Captain Sings I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen Larry Warner

7. Light Sailor Mary-Ellen Wessels and Ed Stauff

8. Eat Up Your Liver Kathy Mar

9. Speaks With Hands Echo's Children

10. Haul Away For Rosie Ellen "Mouse" Wilds

11. Hearthfire Ed Weill

12. Calypso Instafilk About Guava Tom Smith

13. Self-Inflicted Frank Hayes

14. Kretchma Linda Melnick

15. Don't Push That Button Duane Elms

16. If Then Do Loop Paul Shuch

17. TWA Perverts Melissa "Peregryne" Williamson

18. The Phoenix Larry Warner

19. Say Again, Tower Echo's Children

20. Fallen Great Bird Helva Peters

21. Carcass Sue Cochran

22. Cough Syrup Karen Melson

23. Osaka Boogie Knights

24. Solar Privateer Johnathan Eberhard

25. Dark Wanderer Steve MacDonald

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