A Breeze Through the CONduit (cassette tape)

Recorded at CONduit 1, April 19-21, 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah

A Breeze Through the CONduit J-Card (smaller).jpg

Title--Artist (lyrics/composer)

Side A

  1. Song of the Stars--Catherine Faber (Catherine Faber)
  2. Mad in White Linen--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  3. Walk Wary of the Paladin--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  4. The Perils of Norm Bangerter--Beverly and Holly Stuart (Beverly and Holly Stuart/Cooney)
  5. Cold Fusion--Beverly and Holly Stuart (Beverly and Holly Stuart/Henry Mancini)
  6. Homecoming--Julia West (Julia West)
  7. The Sea-Man--Julia West (Julia West/Ranald Rankin)
  8. With a Rose in My Hand--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  9. The Brine Shrimp That Ate Salt Lake City--Matthew Ouimette (Matthew Ouimette/Williams)
  10. The Maid All Alone on the Shore--Paul Atwood (Trad.)
  11. Acres and Acres--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)

Side B

  1. Remembrance--Julia West (Julia West)
  2. John the Balladeer--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  3. The Hero of Stony Tor--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  4. Where Are You Going?--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  5. Magic's Key--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  6. How It Is Applied--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  7. Mutants--Julia West (Julia West/trad.)
  8. His Hair White Gold--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  9. Black Molly--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)
  10. Tam's Song--Cat Faber (Catherine Faber)

Cover art by Wendy Howarth

Copyright (c) 1992 by Julia West

Note 1: "Acres and Acres" was left off the j-card.

Note 2: Some of these songs are available as mp3s at [FilkArchive]

Note 3: The title of the tape is a takeoff on the Meg Davis song "Wind in the Pipes".

Note 4: A companion songbook, also called A Breeze Through the CONduit, was published.

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